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Board Member Positions Up for Election

The following SPCA board positions are up for election at the November 14 membership meeting. These are 2-year terms beginning January 2024. The following is a summary of duties and responsibilities of each position.

Vice president:
● Assist the president
● Preside at meetings if the president is absent
● Assume the duties of the president if that becomes necessary
● If the office of the president is vacated, assume the president’s office

● Create an annual budget that is approved by the membership
● Disburse funds that are in the approved budget or that are approved by the membership
● Keep written accounts and provide monthly reports of $$ in and $$ out and cash on hand
● Collect dues and maintain a list of current members

● A member of the executive board
● Represents the membership at executive board meetings
● Assist at membership meetings with member check-in and voting as needed
● Is the lead on scheduling monthly socials

Time commitment: During 10 months of the year, one board meeting that’s 1 hour or less; one membership meeting that’s at most an hour and a half; plus any time spent on SPCA events or activities.

Additionally, the Columbus South Side Area Commission District 1 commissioner seat is up for election.
District 1 is Schumacher Place.

● This is an elected position for a two-year term.
● The commission meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 6:30 until 8:00 and you’re required to attend.
● You must serve on at least one committee each year and attend committee meetings.
● Election petitions are available at the South Side Pride Center, located on Reeb Avenue and on the commission’s website.
● Completed petitions are due by 4:30 PM on October 20, and this requires obtaining 50
signatures from Schumacher Place residents who are 18 years or older.
● The election is on Saturday, November 11, in person at the Barack Recreation Center
● The District 1 commissioner does not have to be an SPCA member.

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